5 C’s on Hiring Well

Jan.17.2017 Resources for Business Leaders


No matter how confident we are in the processes that keep our organizations running, we never have the luxury of a bad hire. We can chase strategy, structure, or finance, but ultimately we need to realize that ministry and business are all about The Who – the people who fulfill the daily responsibilities of the organization and develop it with care and energy.

Great ideas begin with people, but great problems also begin with people. What’s the hardest part about most businesses? Most leaders would agree – it’s the people part! If you make better Who decisions, your organizations will thrive; you will serve your customers better, you will worry less, and you will spend more time doing things you are called to do and enjoy. Therefore, your greatest need in developing a high performance organization is a people system that carries you well beyond assumptions and intuition. It must be more than a gut feeling. You need a system that enables you to gather the right information and use it to make discerning hiring decisions – a system with higher predictability, so the person you hire will succeed on the job and make a tremendous contribution.

You may already be familiar with the “3 Cs” of hiring: Character, Competence, and Chemistry. Equally important, particularly for businesses with a clear mission and culture of ministry, are Calling and the candidate’s ability to make an immediate and long-term Contribution. Cumulatively, these five attributes combine to make a great hire.

The aggregate features and traits that form the individual nature of a person with qualities of honesty, courage, or the like.
A strong compulsion toward a particular way of life or career; a vocation. Especially one believed to be divinely inspired.
Fit, suitable, and sufficiently capable for the role through training and life experience. The ability to do something successfully and efficiently. Possesses capacity for knowledge and a capability to execute the required task.
CHEMISTRY: The intangible quality of being able to “fit” within the existing team. The ability to blend into and enrich the current circle of community while bringing relational harmony.
CONTRIBUTION: An individual’s ability to make an immediate and long-term positive impact on the organization and in a particular role. A predictive hiring process incorporates these attributes, allowing us to identify, select, and ultimately hire the right candidates for our organizations.7 How does your organization assess for these categories to determine if a candidate is “fit” for a role?


BASIC PRINCIPLE: Hiring. A good hiring system will treat an interview as an investigation into the inner workings of an applicant’s persona and an opportunity to discover if they possess the qualities you need.